2017 State of the Senior Market | Feb 28 - March 3


Ask your questions about the State of the Senior Market here! The thread will be open until March 3.


When can we expect to see a recording of this webinar? There are a few slides I’d like to review. Additionally, is it possible to get a copy of the spreadsheet you showed with the numbers by state?


Hi Michelle! Thanks for the comment and questions. I would expect that we’ll have the video ready to publish in the next day or so. We’ll have a link on our homepage to view the recording!

Regarding the enrollment data, since we put a lot of effort into building this, we ask that you not share with other agents or competitors, but we are happy to provide it to our agents! Of course, it’s not for use with Medicare beneficiaries (not CMS approved marketing material), so we’re just going to put a disclaimer on it before it’s ready to send.

Keep in mind, this is individual business only and it’s built on a “county by county” basis, and CMS doesn’t give information on enrollments which are less than 10 in a county, so the numbers could be slightly off. We know it captures 99.5% of enrollment, however.

Finally, we’re looking to publish more detail views on a state by state basis which would be a little more granular and take us to a county level. I think this could be extremely useful for agents, as well.

To get the spreadsheet, email help@ritterim.com.


Good Morning Craig,

Any follow up on the new administrations for the ACA following the President’s address to congress? I he reiterated his intention to have congress “Repeal and Replace,” any thoughts on what this could look like or should look like given the new heads of HHS and CMS?

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