Ancillary 101 Live Q&A | March 29, 2017


Live Q & A discussion for the webinar on March 29 hosted by Will Kerr.

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If anyone has any questions please let me know and I will get to you immediately.


By the way this is Will Kerr from Ritter and the presenter of the webinar.


Will - thanks for the Webinar, I found it informative and useful. Two questions: please will you email the presentation to me? Also, does Ritter offer any marketing tools such as ads or client letter samples that we could use as a template for marketing ancillary products? Thanks - Brenda Haws


Hey Brenda, thank you I’m glad you found it information and useful. I will email that presentation as soon I get that link from our communication team. Right now we don’t have any marketing tools for our ancillary products. But I am working on getting marketing material like that for our agents.


Thanks for the quick reply. Anything at all that you have would be very helpful. A sample letter, ad copy, anything at all. I spend a lot on advertising. I also do a lot of mailings. Having some samples would be great. Thanks.


I will make something up for you Brenda and see if it something you like. Hopefully we can create something that would help increase your book of business.

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