Can I email an enrollment link with Medicareful?


I’m getting this question fairly often from agents about emailing enrollment links. We have a very simple process for both the agent and the consumer. Keep in mind, you need permission to email and you can’t email enrollment links unsolicited!!

For the agent:
Step 1: From YOUR Medicareful page, navigate to the plan your client wants to enroll in.
Step 2: Mouse over the plan and click on the “link” icon.
Step 3: You can either (1) copy the link to your clipboard or (2) click on the email icon and the website will automatically open your email client, open a new email and paste the link into the body of the email.
Step 4: Personalize and send!

For the consumer:
Step 1: Open the email and click on the link to enroll
Step 2: Click on enroll
Step 3: Complete the one page enrollment form, digitally sign and submit.

If you have any questions on this topic, let me know!


Here is what a sample enrollment link might look like to your consumer. You can create this for any plans we currently have enrollment for and also for plans a consumer might want to preview (in cases where we don’t have enrollment).

Keep in mind, DON’T use this link for your customers! You can easily build your own! This is a sample list for one of our agencies!


One last thing. . .

THIS IS A LIVE ENROLLMENT SITE!! Please don’t transmit an enrollment here! :slight_smile: