D-SNP - Live Q&A | February 23, 2017


Ask Abby and Danica all of your D-SNP questions here!


Hey Dani and Abby,

What benefit(s) would you say are most appealing to Dual Eligibles? Over the Counter card (OTC)? Transportation benefit?
I am curious what benefits to look for in D-SNP that are really going to appeal to what they are looking for.

Thank You for your help.


Hi David!

We believe that the OTC card/benefit is one of the most attractive benefits, and transportation services are also appealing.


Is it possible for beneficiaries to lose any existing Medicaid benefits by going onto a D-SNP plan?


Hi Jimmy!

Most D-SNP plans coordinate with the state and members continue to have access to the services offered through Medicaid (custodial care, for example). However, you will find most plans are very benefit rich.

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