Final Expense Live Q&A | December 13, 2017


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Do any of these carrier policies ever expire/end at a certain age/go up in cost over the years?


Thank you for your question. No, the policy will never expire as long as the premiums are paid. The premium will also never go up.


One of our agents posed a question during the webinar regarding GCU. He asked if GCU has a “just in time” appointment process. No, GCU Life requires agents in all states to be appointed and assigned a writing number prior to submitting new business.

The second question regarding GCU is regarding their name. GCU Life was formerly known as the fraternal organization of Greek Catholic Union. The agent wanted to know if you were not a Greek or Catholic, can you still purchase a GCU policy? The answer is yes! The carrier recently changed their name to GCU Life and now accepts all applicants, regardless of race or religious denomination.


A final question was if we were recording the webinar. We did record the training webinar and will have it for agents by the end of the day tomorrow. We will also be sending a copy of the recording link to all agents who were registered for the webinar today.