Hybrid LTC - 1035 Exchange Opportunities Q&A | March 15, 2017


Mike Baker takes questions from hims 3/15 Hybrid LTC - Exchange Opportunities webinar!


Q&A from the 1035 Exchange webinar:

  1. Q: Are Part B premiums based on last years income, or on income from two years prior?
    A: Part B premiums are based on income from two years prior.
  2. Q: This could make a good seminar for retirement or active adult communities. Do you have a simple consumer
    A: We do not currently have a client version available but agree that a streamlined version would be a good
    resource. We will work on the development of a client based presentation.
  3. Q: What is the waiting period of the LTCi when the need is trigger?
    A: The waiting period can vary between carriers. Generally, it is 90 days with some carriers offering a 0 day for
    home health care.
  4. Q: Is there a LTC test required, do you need the LTC CE training?
    A: Not necessarily. It depends on the product. Please note there may be Anti Money Laundering training required
    and the Annuity companies may require Annuity training to be completed.
  5. Q: Clients may be leery o the exchange unless they clearly understand the LTCi benefits.
    A: Agreed, our job is the help educate you so that you can comfortably and confidently have that discussion with your clients. We are also available to conference call, as a trusted resource, with you and your client.
  6. Q: What is Mike Baker’s extension?
    A: Mike can be reach at 800-769-1847 x 262 or at mike.baker@ritterim.com
  7. Q: What are the options regarding facility care vs. home care. Also, are cash benefits available in these policies?
    A: The policies are comprehensive, providing benefits for both facility and home health care. And, yes, there are policies that will provide and indemnity/cash benefit if care is needed.

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