Question about SOAs & CMS


If I have a particular carrier that I don’t have a contract with Ritter, will CMS and or Carrier accept the SOA filled out on

Question taken from webinar chat room. Agent will remain anonymous.


Great question. First of all, keep in mind that the electronic Scope of Appointment (eSOA) within is a CMS-Accepted, multi-plan filed SOA. We are highly confident that any of the Lead/Non-Lead plans that filed this for us with CMS would accept it. The full list of plans that filed with CMS was in my webinar, so I’m not going to list them here again!

Second, this is true whether or not you are appointed through Ritter or another FMO/Agency.

Third, while we really can’t speak for Health Plans and PDP Sponsors that we aren’t contracted with, if a Health Plan or PDP sponsor accepts a generic scope, this scope would fall under that category. Worse case, you may need to take a same day scope on the carrier’s specific form and reference that a generic scope was taken 48 hours in advance and this scope is supplemental to the original.


It’s always strange to me that any carrier requires the agent to use their own SOA. If we truly get it prior to meeting with the client how do we know which carrier we will end up with after we finish the appointment. The SOA is meant to be an agreement to get together and discuss … not a confirmation of the enrollment.


I agree. It make no sense. As long as the SOA is CMS-approved, one would think that this would cover all MA/PDP plans! I’m not sure what the carriers that require their specific branded SOA are trying to solve for. Maybe there is something on the CMS side I’m not aware of. Most carriers do seem to be gravitating toward accepting the generic.

Since our SOA is “multi-plan” CMS approved, those carriers that approved our process on a lead or non-lead basis would be “on board” (since they already approved the process!)