What’s New in the 2019 Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines? | ASG by RitterIM


We have all the information on what the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) changed for 2019, and how you can remain compliant while still having a productive, profitable year! Our review covers what we’ve found to be the most prominent modifications, but it’s also beneficial to read through the full document on your own time.

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Thanks Van Hang! Difference between marketing and communication may have subtle differences. Generally, mentioning plan names, premiums and benefits was a no-go, but now there seems to be more nuance! It will be important for agents to understand and ask questions about these changes and also seeing examples helps a lot. If carriers can help clarify, that would be another plus. OEP should add opportunity along with the ability to help clients and prospects who aren’t happy with their current plan choice!


A couple of interesting changes are related to educational events and business reply cards, as well. Maybe we can talk a little bit about each one individually to expand as these can go to the core of marketing for new clients! In short, it seems that an agent can proactively hand out business cards and collect Business Reply Cards at educational events. Regarding business reply cards, unless there is plan information contained that would be defined as marketing, these no longer need to be filed with CMS.